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What Is a Proof of Loss Statement? Ask a Property Damage Lawyer

A signed and sworn proof of loss is a statement that you or your property damage lawyer prepares for the insurance company regarding the financial damages and losses claimed through the policy. You sign the statement under oath and before a notary.

It gives the insurance company notice regarding the scope and depth of damages you are claiming. If you have any legal issues regarding your Proof of Loss, speak with a property damage lawyer for help.

What Is in a Proof of Loss Statement?

If your insurance company asks you to provide a Sworn Proof of Loss (SPOL) statement, you will need to provide them with specific disclosures about your claim. This requirement is legally mandated under Florida’s insurance statutes.

While every provider is unique, they generally request that you supply the following information:

· Total sum of loss you are claiming

· Documentation that supports your claim, including a household inventory

· Names of the party(ies) claiming the loss

· Property damage cause and date

· Other details as requested

In general, the SPOL serves as the initial document received by your insurer that describes specific details about the damage your home suffered. While it may be tempting to embellish details, avoid making any false claims since doing so can derail your objectives and may require legal help from a property damage lawyer to remedy.

Why Do I Have to Provide a Proof of Loss Statement?

Insurance providers handle numerous claims in Florida every year. To streamline the process while securing additional legal protections, the insurance company may ask that you submit a SPOL during the claims process, typically within thirty (30) to sixty (60) days after the damage occurred.

Timeliness and Accuracy Affect Your Proof of Loss Statement

A property damage lawyer will tell you that it is vital to get the Proof of Loss statement right. There are legal implications associated with signing one that can affect the outcome of your case.

Make sure that you focus on two critical elements:

1. Timeliness: if you do not submit your SPOL on time, the insurance company can allege that you failed in your obligations. Write down the date that it is due not to miss your opportunity for receiving benefits.

2. Accuracy: Since the SPOL is an affidavit, stick to the facts of your claim. If you do not prepare your statement accurately, it is possible to be charged with insurance fraud, which carries severe legal consequences.

Preparing a timely and accurate SPOL is essential to the claims process. It can also make a difference in receiving an approval or denial. A property damage lawyer with experience in this area will help you avoid legal mistakes altogether.

Contact the Innocent Law Firm for Help

You deserve equitable and fair compensation for your losses. If you are struggling to get the money you legally deserve after your house suffers damage, get legal help from a property damage lawyer at the Innocent Law Firm. Call us today at (954) 903-1737 or message us privately online.

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