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How the Property Damage Insurance Claims Process Works in Florida

A home is one of your most valuable assets. Not only does it provide much-needed shelter, but it also holds your most precious memories and family belongings. When a storm or hurricane in Florida causes damage to your home, you have every reason to believe that your insurer will protect you when you go through the property damage insurance claims process.

However, the process can become complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating quickly. You have rights and obligations as a homeowner. Knowing how to handle this situation will protect your rights while recovering the money you need to restore your home. Always speak with a property damage claims lawyer if you need legal advice for your specific situation.

The Property Damage Insurance Claims Process in Florida

Speaking with the insurance company as soon as possible is a critical first step in the property damage insurance claims process. Many insurance companies and policies have deadlines by which you have to file a claim.

There are also civil deadlines that apply if a storm damaged your home. Contacting them immediately will help you prevent claim denials based on the timeliness of filing your claim. They will have up to fourteen (14) days to acknowledge its receipt.

Take Notes About Your Call

When you call the insurance company, take detailed notes about your call. Have your insurance policy number ready and jot down the name of the representative you spoke with, the date and time, claim numbers received, and a general documentation of the discussion to reference in the future should any problems arise.

Complete a Proof of Loss Statement

A proof of loss statement is an item you will need to provide to your insurer within thirty (30) days. It is a statement that you provide under oath and penalty of perjury about the damage your home suffered. Once they receive this documentation, the insurance company holds a duty to begin your claim investigation within ten (10) days.

Document Your Damages

Take the time to ensure that your home’s damages are documented carefully and that you supply your insurer with sufficient proof of loss. It is wise to take video or photos, retain repair receipts, and any other form of evidence that speaks to your damages.

Receive a Reponse

If the insurer approves your claim, they will have up to twenty (20) days to pay for your losses from the settlement agreement’s date. However, it is also essential to recognize that they have up to ninety (90) days in total to receive a full or partial payment or claim denial when you initiated the property damage insurance claims process.

Contact a Florida Property Damage Claim Attorney for Help

Insurers will not always pay you what you deserve after experiencing property damage. If your home suffered from damage and you are facing problems during the property damage insurance claims process, speak with a Florida property damage claim attorney at the Innocent Law Firm today by messaging us online or calling (954) 903-1737.

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