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Types of Cases We Handle

Insurance companies do not always play fair. When you need legal advice, a Florida property damage claim lawyer will explain your options. The Innocent Law Firm fights for the rights of property owners under the following areas of law:

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Residential Property Damage

Your home allows you and your family to live in a safe and healthy manner. When damage strikes, you need money to repair and restore your property to as close to the original as possible. Hire a Florida residential property damage lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm to hold insurance companies to insurance laws and their policy promises.

Commercial Property Damage

Without insurance, vital Florida businesses would have to shut down their facilities for a significant amount of time. However, even with benefits, insurers make obtaining an equitable award challenging at best. A Florida commercial property damage lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm is prepared to fight for the coverage you need.

Hurricane Damage Claims

In Florida, there are state-specific laws that apply to hurricane damage claims, which makes them unique. If civil deadlines run out, you can no longer pursue compensation. Work with a Florida hurricane damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm to obtain the benefits you need to make necessary repairs and restorations.

Fire Damage Claims

Fire is a devastating form of damage that can destroy properties in an instant. Residential and commercial owners deserve an award that covers repairs, personal property losses, and other forms of payment. Get the help you want from a Florida fire damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm who will look at for your legal interests.

Water Damage Claims

Storms and craftsmanship issues can cause severe water damage to your home or business. Do not let insurance companies blame you for pre-existing damage or non-compliance with their policy. If you hire a Florida water damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm, we will conduct a thorough investigation of your case.

Mold Damage Claims

Mold damage is incredibly dangerous to anyone living on or visiting the property and is generally caused by areas exposed to unventilated moisture. If your property is affected, you can hold your insurance company liable for related coverage. Seek the legal counsel of a Florida mold damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm first.

Assignment of Benefits Claims

Assignment of benefits (AOB) claims involve payments going to a third-party to facilitate repairs, make decisions, and collect payments. However, construction companies and contractors can misuse them and trigger a devastating outcome. At The Innocent Law Firm, your Florida assignment of benefits lawyer will safeguard your claim at every critical point.

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