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Miami Water Damage Claims Lawyer

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When insurance companies do not pay you the money you deserve for water damage caused by hurricanes, storms, or flooding, you have the right to seek legal advice from a Miami water damage claims lawyer. We protect our clients when faced with water damage or related bad faith insurance claims. 

You do not have to pay for more than your fair share of your property’s water damage. Let The Innocent Law Firm help you dispute your claim, negotiate an award, or take actionable situations to a civil trial. Our office will take the necessary time to understand and answer your questions and help you get the benefits you need to restore and repair your home. 

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The Innocent Law Firm Will Fight for Your Rights

When water damages your home, you have every reasonable expectation to believe that your insurance company will meet the promises contained within your policy and applicable Florida laws. However, you must have a specific policy to cover your house for certain losses. 

Even if you do have the requisite plan, insurers may attempt to offer you less than you deserve when you are covered. Payment delays, unreasonable denials, and other unsavory tactics make obtaining insurance benefits challenging. You do not have to stand for an insurer that acts in bad faith. 

At The Innocent Law Firm, your Miami water damage claims lawyer will help you pursue coverage for the following situations: 

  • Water damage: Hurricanes, storms, and heavy winds can inflict significant water damage upon a property. While your policy may cover water intrusions, confirm your coverage with your insurance provider. If you do not receive the benefits you deserve, a Miami water damage claims lawyer will negotiate or litigate your claim on your behalf. 

  • Flooding damage: For homeowners with a flood damage policy, you can receive money to pay for your covered losses. However, these policy types do not always provide benefits related to mildew or mold damage. The Innocent Law Firm will explain what your policy covers in plain language and then fight for your rights at the negotiation table. 

  • Defective parts or work: You might have a third-party claim if faulty materials or craftsmanship are responsible for the water damage to your home. These cases are involved which means that you should seek the advice of a Miami water damage claims lawyer to protect your rights and interests. 

  • Bad faith actions: Insurance companies must act in good faith and fair dealing with customers. This means that they must pay your claim promptly, approve covered benefits, and follow applicable laws. If you are facing a bad faith action, The Innocent Law Firm will help you navigate the process for a negotiated insurance settlement or civil court award. 


When it comes to water damage claims, make sure that you get the money that you need to pay for the damage your home suffered. Water and flood damage policies are typically separate and will apply varying deadlines and requirements to your claim. 

Due to the complexities of these matters, consult with a Miami water damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm and get the answers you want with a free consultation by calling (954) 903-1737. You are also welcome to message us about your case here. 

A Miami Water Damage Claims Lawyer Fights for What You Deserve 

Rely upon The Innocent Law Firm to provide responsive legal care that goes the extra mile. Our legal team will take the necessary measures to investigate your claim and hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. We will seek the most favorable outcome when water damages your home. 

You can expect your Miami water damage claims lawyer to: 

  • Investigate your case and preserve admissible evidence 

  • Provide ongoing documentation of the losses you experienced 

  • Fiercely negotiate with the liable parties to get you the coverage you need 

  • Take eligible matters to civil trial if necessary 

  • Communicate with you promptly and explain your legal opportunities 

Since every case is unique, your Miami water damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm will provide a customized solution while protecting your rights. Even if you are dealing with an owner association, we will apply and interpret laws so that you understand the impact on every choice you make. 

Recoverable Losses from a Water Damage Claim 

Water damage can cause numerous losses to personal property and your home’s structure. The compensation you can anticipate receiving depends upon the facts and circumstances of your case, including the level of damage and policy limitations. 

If you decide to hire The Innocent Law Firm to represent your case, your attorney will assess your situation for the following types of coverage: 

  • Personal property damage 

  • Mold and mildew removal 

  • Board-up costs 

  • Living expenses if your home is unhabitable 

  • Property restoration costs 

  • And more 

While this list is not limited to the items above, it does help you understand what benefits you should receive if your policy covers it. You do not have to accept an inadequate amount if the insurance company is responsible for paying your benefits or if another’s negligence caused you harm. 

Florida’s Property Damage Statute of Limitations Applies to Your Case 

A statute of limitations is a legal deadline that applies to the amount of time you have to file your water damage claim. This deadline varies according to the type of claim you are filing. 

While a four (4) year statute of limitations applies to most water damage claims, there is a three (3) year deadline that applies to hurricane damage starting from the date of the storm’s landfall. Many more deadlines exist if your claim involves acts of negligence. 

Keep in mind that Hurricane Irma claims are expiring on September 10, 2020. Speak with a Miami water damage claims lawyer as soon as possible to avoid missing your chance at coverage

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