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Miami Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer

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Major hurricanes can strike Florida with little notice to residents and result in devastating damage to your home and personal property. After the storm passes, you may find that you are left with a new fight when getting the benefits you need for your covered losses. Holding insurers to the promises in their policies is not always an easy task. 

However, a Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm will ensure that the insurance company does not take advantage of your vulnerable position. As a friendly reminder, Hurricane Irma deadlines are fast approaching, which means you should reach out to us as soon as relatively possible to avoid missing your chance. 

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The Innocent Law Firm Will Fight for Your Rights

Hurricane damage claims are challenging for several reasons and can leave you feeling like your insurance company is not adequately paying you what your claim is worth. At The Innocent Law Firm, a Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer has the knowledge and experience you can count on to fight for the benefits you deserve. 

Our legal team will fight for compensation related to: 

  • Roof damage 

  • Landscaping damage 

  • Cosmetic damages 

  • Water damage 

  • Structural damages 

  • Other recoverable damages 

If your insurance company is not acting in good faith and fair dealing, your Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer will investigate your claim thoroughly to establish the extent of damage incurred as well as the cost of repair. We can bring in experts to assert your rights when necessary as well. 

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Statutory Deadlines Apply to Florida Hurricane Damage Claims 

Hurricane storms are a regular occurrence in Florida. However, some deadlines apply to your claim in the form of a statute of limitations. For hurricane damage, you have up to three (3) years from the date the storm hit landfall to pursue your case. 

As such, the following legal time limits apply to recent Florida hurricanes: 

  • Hurricane Irma deadline: September 10, 2020 

  • Hurricane Michael deadline: October 10, 2021 

  • Hurricane Dorian deadline: August 28, 2022 

While your Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer will handle the legal aspects of your case, it is smart to document your property’s damages carefully before contacting The Innocent Law Firm. Our legal team will investigate your storm damage and preserve evidence as we discover it to assert your rights to covered losses. 

Civil Court Claims 

If the insurer denies or undervalues your claim, taking the company to civil trial may help you achieve the results for which you are looking. Unsavory insurance companies may use several stall tactics that aim to deny you benefits based on the allegation you never filed your claim on time. 

If this happens to you, The Innocent Law Firm is here to help. Your Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer will represent your case before a judge or jury through a bad faith insurance suit. 

An Untimely Claim Negatively Impacts the Strategy 

Filing a property damage claim as soon as possible is critical to the outcome of your case since you can forfeit your rights to a civil award. However, the law does account for situations that prevent someone from doing so. You might have an opportunity to file your case through a late notice defense. 

If this option is available, your Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer will work toward proving that the insurer will not suffer harm by carrying out a property damage investigation. Typically, The Innocent Law Firm will preserve evidence that shows the insurance company is not negatively affected by a late filing. 

It is an advanced legal strategy if you choose to go this route. Make sure you avoid common pitfalls by having an attorney help you handle a late notice defense matter. 

Why Hire a Miami Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm 

When your home sustains hurricane damage, you counted on your insurance company to act reasonably and pay you the money you deserve. However, this situation is not necessarily the outcome you experience when dealing with the insurance adjuster and legal department. 

Hire a Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer at The Innocent Law Firm to handle insurance companies and other relevant parties when: 

  • The insurance company is making false or misleading statements 

  • You are not receiving the benefits for which you paid 

  • Processing times are taking an unreasonable amount of time 

  • There are illegal conditions applied to your settlement 

  • Your insurance adjuster advised against hiring a Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer 


The above-referenced acts are signs of an insurance company acting in bad faith and unfair dealing. If you choose to work with The Innocent Law Firm to represent your case, we will tenaciously pursue a settlement or civil award you need that repairs your home and reimburses you for your losses. 

Innocent Law Firm Wants to Help You 

If your home suffered from hurricane damage, you do not have to stand for unsavory practices by insurance companies. Contact a Miami hurricane damage claims lawyer to help you fight for the compensation you need and deserve for your covered losses. 

The Innocent Law Firm extends the offer to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation now by calling (954) 903-1737 or submitting a callback request through our contact form. All messages are returned within twenty-four (24) business hours of receipt. 


We do not charge you advance legal fees to represent your case. Instead, we only get paid for our services when you win your case. 

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