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How Long Do I Have to File an Insurance Claim After Tropical Storm Eta? | TheInnocentLawFirm

How Long Do I Have to File an Insurance Claim After Tropical Storm Eta?

If your property was damaged after Tropical Storm Eta, you have up to three years from the date of when the first storm hit landfall, which will be November 8, 2023. For claim filings that surpass the statute of limitations, then you may no longer possess the right to obtain an insurance settlement.

After a hurricane or tropical storm, residential and commercial property damage is generally caused by high winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, and more. Precipitation and flying debris can result in damage to your roof, flooring, windows, doors, and foundation. Ultimately, you will end up filing a claim with your insurance company. Speak with a storm damage attorney for legal help and information about the claims process.

Prepare Your Claim

If you have already submitted a damage claim with your insurance company, it is critical to document the damage caused to your property and record all of your related expenses. Ensure that you save bills and receipts for parts and repairs.

Document Everything

Video or photographic evidence of the damage to your home, office, or retail space is also vital if you need to refer to them later. Equally important, take after shots of the work completed by the contractor as well.

Inventory Your Damages

Another way to save time and prove your losses is by taking an inventory of every single item damaged by the storm. Include the item name, manufacturer, date purchased, and serial numbers (if available). Also, find out if your insurer offers coverage for additional living expenses (ALEs) so that you can make arrangements to live elsewhere while repairs are made.

Other Dates Apply to Your Insurance Claim

If you are a policyholder in good standing with your insurer, you have the right to rebuild or repair your property and obtain a settlement for the damages caused, both outside and inside. You also have specific rights regarding the insurance company responds to your claim promptly.

Your rights are:

1. Receive notice that your claim was received within fourteen (14) days

2. Receive an answer on how the insurance company will handle your claim within thirty (30 days)

3. Receive notice that your claim has finished review within ninety (90) days

All claims filed will provide a maximum payable amount and will subtract your deductible from the total settlement paid to you. Your insurance claims lawyer will help you understand the dates and circumstances that apply to your situation. From there, we will help you handle the claims process if you are not receiving an amount that you believe is legal or fair.

Get Help from Our Legal Team

If you are not happy with what your insurer's resolution is offering after Tropical Storm Eta damage, call The Innocent Law Firm at (954) 903-1737 or by messaging us here for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. We will deal handle the insurance company on your behalf, negotiate an equitable settlement, and, when necessary, represent your case at trial. You do not have to accept an unfair offer.

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