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Take Your Property’s Inventory Before Tropical Storm Eta Causes Damage | TheInnocentLawFirm

Take Your Property’s Inventory Before Tropical Storm Eta Causes Damage

Florida residents understand how critical it is to protect their possessions from common weather disasters, like Tropical Storm Eta, which hit landfall on November 8, 2020. These storms and hurricanes can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties. Without adequate insurance coverage, personal items, and real property are at risk of becoming total losses.

While every property damage claim is unique, contact a property damage claim attorney to help you if you have questions or legal problems arise. However, there are a few steps that you can take before a storm happens to help you minimize potential issues.

1. Create a Digital or Handwritten Inventory

Inventorying your property and personal possessions is a proactive and smart approach to protect yourself. The method by which you choose to keep this list is entirely up to you. However, the most crucial part is that you have a record, and it is in a secure space, such as your safe deposit box or online cloud storage.

You will also want to include information about each item, including:

· The item description

· Where and when it was purchased

· Manufacturer name

· Receipts

· Serial numbers

· Make and model numbers

· Appraisals

It is also helpful if you take a photograph of each item and store it for future reference. Doing so may help strengthen proof of ownership. For those who like to take a detail-oriented approach, consider using a mobile application to help you catalog your home.

2. Take the Inventorying Process One Step at a Time

Once you begin taking an inventory of your property, make sure you do not stop or get overwhelmed with the process. Remember that once you complete your list, you are in maintenance mode from here on out.

If you begin to get off track, take a break and start cataloging later. Use technology to your advantage to simplify the process. Invite other household members and delegate tasks to individual inventory rooms, boxes, drawers, and closets as they are able.

3. Update Your Property’s Inventory Routinely

A property inventory is something that becomes a source of relief when a storm hits. Instead of working from memory or physically sorting through the wreckage, you will have an inventory of your items in one convenient, accessible location.

Keep your property list updated routinely. When you purchase new items that your insurance company covers, take a picture of them and their receipts. Add the items to your list when making periodic updates. You will be thanking yourself later if Tropical Storm Eta or other hurricanes damage your Florida home in the future.

Need Legal Help? Call The Innocent Law Firm

If your property suffered damage, contact a Sunrise property damage attorney at The Innocent Law firm for a Free Consultation by messaging us here or calling (954) 903-1737. We will help you navigate the claims process, negotiate an equitable settlement, prevent further damage, and evaluate your insurance settlement offer.

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