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How to Deal with the Insurance Adjuster After a House Fire

Treat the insurance adjuster like they are a private investigator for the insurance company after a house fire. Remain polite when filing a claim but avoid making legal mistakes they can later use against you. You can also hire a property damage lawyer to protect your claim from the outset.

In this article, The Innocent Law Firm team details the five steps to take when dealing with the insurance adjuster after a house fire:

Step 1. Take Action Before the Adjuster Arrives

Before the insurance adjuster arrives, complete a walkthrough of your home if it is safe to do so. Take a picture or video evidence of any damage as you perform this task. Proof of loss documentation is essential since it details the lost items you want to be replaced.

Include the following proof of loss statement:

· Brand name

· Date of purchase

· Item description

· Pictures of the damaged item

· Purchase receipts (if available)

· Serial numbers

Step 2. Review Your Policy and Compile a Questions List

It is critical to understand your policy's coverage, endorsements, and limitations. Before the adjuster arrives, read through your insurance policy. You can also discuss it with a Florida fire claims lawyer for greater clarity.

Your coverage affects the outcome of your claim. You cannot get replacement items if you have an actual cash value policy. As such, it is critical that you understand your policy's coverage details before the adjuster arrives.

Step 3. Get the Name and ID Number of the Insurance Adjuster Upon Arrival

When scheduling the inspection, jot down the name, ID number, and other relevant details of the insurance adjuster. Confirm these details upon arrival. Scams and fraud may occur in the aftermath of a disaster, so it is always a good idea to take precautions.

Step 4. Complete the Walkthrough with the Adjuster

You should arrive for your inspection appointment on time following a house fire and complete the walkthrough with your insurance adjuster. This process is an opportunity for you, or your Florida fire claims attorney, to address complicated or unique issues.

You will want to avoid offering more information than necessary when negotiating a settlement. As a general rule of thumb, keep the minute details of your house fire off social media and do not make self-incriminating statements to the adjuster during your walkthrough.

Step 5. Consider Getting Legal Help from the Start of Your Claim

Replacing lost items or rebuilding your home after a disaster is a challenging and emotionally arduous process. If you want to protect your legal rights proactively, hire a fire claims lawyer from the outset of the claims process. We will act as a go-between with the insurance company on your behalf and fight for the best possible outcome based on the facts.

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