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4 Tips for Negotiating Florida Property Damage Claims

Every homeowner wants to get the most amount of money from a property damage claim. The most proactive thing you can do is learn about the claims process and promptly file all requested insurance documents. If your home suffers severe damage or you need legal advice, always speak with a Florida property damage claim attorney for personalized help.

Below, here are four tips for negotiating Florida property damage claims:

Tip 1. Meet Your Duties as the Insured Homeowner

There are three duties an insured must meet after an accident or loss, including:

· Duty to provide prompt notice

· Duty to allow a premises inspection

· Duty to mitigate damage

Not meeting these duties can result in total or partial claim denial. If you want to get the most out of the claims process, ensure you satisfy all applicable laws and policy guidelines.

Tip 2. Become Familiar with the Damage Claims Process

The property damage claims process may take up to ninety (90) days. Depending upon the damage level your house experienced, additional steps may apply in your case. There could also be lengthy negotiation discussions that can extend the time it takes to receive money.

The damage claims process generally follows these steps:

· Step 1: File the claim before policy deadlines

· Step 2: Complete a Proof of Loss statement

· Step 3: Document your damages with evidence

· Step 4: Comply with documentation requests

· Step 5: Receive a response on your claim

When you know what to anticipate, you can navigate the claims process better while avoiding common mistakes. Ensure you read your policy carefully to avoid missing any critical steps.

Tip 3. Avoid Making Mistakes on the Proof of Loss Statement

A Proof of Loss statement is a document you submit to your insurer. It informs them of your losses and offers proof so that they pay you what you need. Make sure that you complete this form or statement accurately while adhering to best practice.

Insurance companies take two standards seriously when it comes to Proof of Loss statements, including:

1. Timeliness

2. Accuracy

Refer to your policy to determine what your Proof of Loss statement should include and when it is due.

Tip 4. Hire a Florida Property Damage Attorney

A Florida property damage lawyer is well-suited to negotiate a property damage claim on your behalf. The question as to if your case warrants legal representation depends upon whether doing so or not adds value.

You may want to contact a property damage attorney in Florida for:

· Fire damage

· “Bad faith” insurer practices

We can handle the negotiations from the beginning while protecting your rights throughout the entire damage claims process. If the insurance company does not pay you what you deserve, we can determine other legal options to get the money you deserve.

Contact The Innocent Law Firm for a Consultation

You don’t have to accept a lesser property damage settlement. Get in touch with The Innocent Law Firm for an initial consultation by calling (954) 903-1737 or message us online.

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