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What to Know About Filing a Hurricane Damage Claim in 2021

Hurricane season can cause severe damage to Florida homes and businesses, from strong winds and storm surges to flooding and more. Your home may suffer from a variety of damage issues. However, hurricane damage claims are unique and may require legal help if you cannot get the settlement you deserve.

In this post, The Innocent Law Firm team explains how hurricane insurance works for homeowners and renters, how to file a damage claim properly, and where to get professional assistance:

How Hurricane Insurance Works

Many insurance policies do not cover wind damage in Florida, where hurricanes occur frequently. Whether you own or rent, it is critical to understand the different policies that protect your home and personal belongings after suffering from damage.

For Homeowners

Hurricane insurance is actually a portfolio of policies that protect a homeowner from the two main types of damage caused by hurricanes: water and wind. If you only have one of these policies, then you may not receive adequate coverage.

For Renters

Many renters’ insurance policies, like homeowners’ insurance policies, do not cover hurricane damage. Certain types of damage, such as wind, are protected by some renters’ insurance policies. However, this may vary depending on your location, policy, and other relevant facts.

How to File a Hurricane Damage Claim

As you can imagine, your hurricane damage claim becomes two separate claims. One pursues wind damage while the other pursues water damage. Ensure that you gather evidence and facts that only matter to these particular claims.

Otherwise, you could cause unwanted legal consequences. Here is a closer look at both below:

File Water Damage Claims Against Flood Insurance Policies

Flood insurance is a type of insurance that protects the structure of your home and your personal belongings in the event of flooding. This policy can cover various types of damage to your home, from heavy rains to hurricane storm surges. Ensure that you document your claim for water damage or flood damage only.

File Wind Damage Claims Against Windstorm Insurance Policies

Windstorm insurance is a type of insurance that protects homeowners from damage caused by wind-related events. This type of insurance is a “rider” to a homeowners’ insurance policy. It is a necessity if you live in an area where hurricanes are common, like Florida.

Always Get Legal Help From the Outset of Your Claim

Hurricane damage is serious business. Instead of leaving your case to the sole opinion of the insurance company, get proactive. Hire a Florida hurricane damage claims lawyer beforehand to protect your rights and push back against the insurance company if they offer you less than you deserve.

The Innocent Law Firm Represents Insured Homeowners and Renters

Are you worried about getting the money you need after a hurricane? If so, The Innocent Law Firm legal team wants to help your family navigate this challenging time. Get in touch with us to learn more by calling (954) 903-1737 or message us directly here.

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