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How To Collect What You Deserve For A Flood Damage Claim

Florida homeowners often have a tough time collecting what they deserve for a flood damage claim because they don’t understand their insurance coverage. The first step is to take a long look at your policy and make sure that it covers the many different types of perils that could result in a flood. Next, make sure that you have an inventory of your property with documentation to show what it’s worth. Unfortunately, even when homeowners are fully covered and have ample proof of what they’ve lost, insurance companies will deny, delay and attempt to underpay claims. If your insurance company is offering less than you believe you deserve for your property damage claim, it’s time to hire a Sunrise flood damage claim attorney that knows how to hold your insurance company accountable. The Innocent Law Firm is trusted by homeowners throughout South Florida. Call 954-903-1737 for a free consultation.

Causes of Flood Damage

There are many different types of conditions that can cause floods that damage or destroy property in their path. These are some of the most common causes of flood damage:

● Clogged drainage systems;

● Poorly maintained gutters;

● Leaky roofs;

● Hurricanes, tropical Storms and heavy thunderstorms;

● Coastal flooding and tidal waves;

● Malfunctioning washing machines and dishwashers;

● Broken pipes;

● Faulty plumbing and

● Power outages.

Some water damage policies may only cover flood damage from specific types of perils such as broken appliances or pipes, so you might not be covered for storm damage. Even expensive “all peril” policies sometimes exclude storm damage in the fine print. In Florida, where storms are frequent and increasing in intensity every year, having the proper coverage is worthwhile to protect your investment in your home.

Sunrise Flood Damage Claim Attorney

If you’ve made a claim with your insurance company for a covered flood damage loss, the Innocent Law Firm can help you collect what you’re entitled to. Call 954-903-1737 for a free consultation.

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