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5 Signs a Property Damage Insurer Is Low-Balling a Settlement

Insurance companies exist to make a profit. They can deny or delay property damage claims if they believe they have reason to do so. This situation can give rise to an inadequate insurance settlement that is not based on all the facts and circumstances.

A Miami property damage attorney helps you recognize five signs a property damage insurer is low-balling a settlement below:

Sign 1. Settles Too Quickly

The insurer may approach you with an offer quickly after your home suffers from damage. While a few thousand dollars may sound appealing, never accept a settlement offer before getting a lawyers’ opinion. A fast settlement offer could indicate that your home’s condition is more serious than previously thought.

Sign 2. Did Not Review Evidence

It takes time to assemble the evidence necessary to establish how much your property damage claim is worth. If the insurance company says that the facts do not matter, seek immediate legal advice. When they refuse to acknowledge all available evidence, it may be attempting to expedite the resolution of a claim.

Sign 3. Say the Damage Is Not Too Bad

Your insurance adjuster may attempt to minimize your property damage claim to reduce your settlement. They may convince you that you will not incur future expenses. However, it is essential to rely on an assessor’s opinion over that of an insurance agent.

Sign 4. Blame You Without Cause

Insurance companies will not always give up on lowering settlement payments by blaming you for property damage. They may also hold you partially responsible for avoiding some of the costs.

It is critical to work with an attorney to establish what occurred. Once confirmed that you are legally owed a reasonable amount, the insurance company is compelled to pay by law.

Sign 5. No One Returns Your Calls

The insurance company or its representatives may not even return your communications, which is a sign of acting in bad faith. Bad faith is against the law per Fla. Stat. § 624.155 and includes situations where the insurance company avoids you. If the insurer does not negotiate, your attorney can file a property damage and bad faith lawsuit on your behalf.

Consult The Innocent Law Firm

Your residential property insurance provider can make life difficult and stall vital repairs to your family’s home. They will make every financially and legally viable effort to resolve your claim quickly and inexpensively. Speak with a Miami property damage lawyer before unknowingly accepting a low-ball settlement so that you get the money you need and deserve.

Contact The Innocent Law Firm now for a Free Consultation by calling 954-903-1737 or message us here confidentially.

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