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How to Prepare for Tropical Storm Eta

As Tropical Storm Eta continues to move eastward, there is uncertainty for much of Southern Florida. Even in the face of uncertainty, meteorologists are expecting storm surges and warnings on November 12, 2020. Although time is dwindling, it is vital that you and your family prepare for Tropical Storm Eta’s arrival and keep yourself safe.

Property damage is and should be an afterthought in case of an emergency. However, it would be best to take additional precautions in and around your home to minimize possible damage to your property and injuries to other people. If Tropical Storm Eta has already damaged your area, and you need help with an insurance claim, talk with an attorney to help you navigate the claims process.

Preparation and Planning for Tropical Storm Eta

Preparing for a tropical storm may seem like a daunting task, albeit a vital one. There are a few steps that you can take to reduce your exposure to damages and losses, including:

· Devise an action plan with household members to mitigate confusion and fear during the storm

· Find and plan routes to emergency rooms and local shelters

· Board your windows and doors up if you do not have shutters

· Stay connected with the news during the storm to stay aware of upcoming weather patterns

· Pull all of your lawn future, bicycles, and other items to a safe location

· Create an inventory of your household property for insurance claims

While you may not be able to complete all of the items on the list in a short period, these tips will help you stay as safe as possible. For more information, visit the official City of Sunrise website to stay update-to-date on how Tropical Storm Eta is impacting the community.

Tropical Storm Eta: Emergency Supplies Checklist

Tropical storm and hurricane preparedness is addressed by the American Red Cross. They advise individuals to assemble the following items and supplies that are critical to storm survival and safety.

Supplies that you will want to assemble and purchase include:

· A three-day supply of potable drinking water

· A three-day supply of non-perishable foods

· Baby supplies

· Pet supplies

· Copies of important personal documents

· Batter powered radios and flashlights

· First aid kits

· Multi-tools

· Extra batteries

· Protective clothing

· Emergency blanks

· Contact information

· Maps

· Cellphones with external chargers

· An additional set of car and house keys

· Personal hygiene items

Try dividing these items up into backpacks in case you and your family must leave the area. Do not overpack bags in case you need to walk several miles. In general, pack what you think you will need to survive a hurricane or Tropical Storm Eta in the event that you do not have access to new supplies for three days.

Receive Legal Help If You Suffer Property Damage

If your property suffers damage, get in touch with your residential or commercial insurance company as soon as possible and make sure that you try to prevent further damage from occurring when possible. Contact The Innocent Law Firm for a Free Consultation if the insurance company does not offer you a fair settlement by submitting a message here or calling (954) 903-1737.


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