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How To Handle An Insurance Dispute

When you’ve suffered a loss that’s covered by insurance, it’s infuriating when your insurance company refuses to pay out what you’re entitled to. Insurance companies get away with delaying and underpaying claims because policyholders don’t know how to combat their tactics. That’s why it’s helpful to hire an experienced Sunrise insurance dispute attorney that knows how to maximize your claim. The Innocent Law Firm knows the tricks insurance companies use to avoid paying what’s required under their policy and what needs to be done to obtain full financial compensation. Call 954-903-1737 for a free consultation.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

If you took out a mortgage to purchase your home, you were probably required to purchase homeowners insurance as part of the deal, but you may not have looked closely at what’s covered. There are two major types of homeowner’s insurance:

Named Peril Insurance: This type of coverage is the least expensive but may leave you vulnerable to out-of-pocket losses for perils that are not named. For example, flood insurance may not cover damage from storms.

All Risk (aka Peril) Insurance: This more expensive type of coverage generally covers all types of natural disasters and damage except those specifically excluded. Be careful to note exclusions that may be in the form of a rider.

In addition to the type of coverage, it’s also important to consider how high your deductible is to ensure that you can afford to pay this portion of your damage when you make a claim. Many insurance policies are very expensive, yet exclude coverage for common problems such as mold and storm damage, so it’s important to check your policy carefully to make sure that your investment in your home is fully protected.

How a Sunrise Insurance Dispute Attorney Can Help You?

Insurance companies are aggressive about selling policies and collecting premiums but shy away from paying out on claims. That’s why it’s important to have a team of attorneys that understand your insurance company’s tactics and know-how to force them to pay out what you’re entitled to for your claim. Call 954-903-1737 for a free consultation.

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