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Filing an Insurance Claim After Tropical Storm Eta | TheInnocentLawFirm

Filing an Insurance Claim After Tropical Storm Eta

Heavy wind gusts, rains, and floods are the hallmarks of hurricanes and tropical storms. Tropical storm Eta is no exception. Since hitting landfall, the Gulf and South Florida have been pummeled, with up to 12 inches of flooding in the Sunrise area. This type of weather activity causes severe damage to local homes and businesses.

For those with property damage, there is no doubt that you will need to file an insurance claim under your residential or commercial policy to receive compensation to make repairs and prevent further damage from occurring. Ensure that you speak with a hurricane damage lawyer for legal advice when navigating the claims process.

Tips for Filing a Tropical Storm Eta Insurance Claim

If Tropical Storm Eta damaged your home, be aware that the insurance company may not immediately offer you the best amount for your settlement. After all, paying insurance claims for as little as possible while still meeting laws is a way to maximize profit. Rather than trust that the insurance company is on your side, protect yourself before filing a claim after Tropical Storm Eta.

Here are a few tips that may help:

1. Prepare before filing your claim by reading your policy and knowing your rights

2. Document everything, including photos, telephone calls, and anything else that you think will help you claim

3. Obtain several estimates from contractors to find out where your damages fall on a range

4. Speak with the insurance company politely but firmly when they try to offer you a low settlement offer

5. If the settlement seems too low, advise the insurance company that you would like to run the offer by a property damage lawyer first

The most practical way to ensure that you are receiving fair compensation after property damage is by understanding your policy, how the claims process works, and that you deserve money equivalent to the terms made by the insurer. After Tropical Storm Eta, filing an insurance claim is a highly stressful process, but taking extra precautions and preparation can help you get the most from it.

Filing an Insurance Claim After Tropical Storm Eta

Dealing with Tropical Storm Eta's aftermath and getting the money you need is a challenging feat for many homeowners, especially those who need to move quickly. Insurance companies are aware of this aspect and may try to settle your case as soon as possible under the premise that they want to help you get money as quickly as possible.

Do not let them rush you through the claims process. Speak with a damage claims attorney in Sunrise to determine if you are receiving a fair offer. Otherwise, you may accept an amount that is far less than what you deserve.

Call The Innocent Law Firm for Legal Help

If your home, office, or retail space suffered damage after Tropical Storm Eta, call The Innocent Law Firm for legal advice and help. Learn more about your options by messaging us about your case here or calling (954) 903-1737 now.

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