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Common Property Damage Claims In Florida

Homes in Florida face threats from hurricanes, tropical storms, and floods that are increasing in strength each year. That’s why Florida homeowners pay hefty premiums to purchase insurance that protects their investment in their homes. Unfortunately, many insurers use tactics to underpay and delay payment of claims, leaving Florida property owners in a lurch. It’s important to know that if your insurance company is not offering you a good faith settlement of your claim, an experienced Sunrise property damage claim attorney can help you collect what you’re entitled to. The Innocent Law Firm is not afraid to go up against insurance companies on your behalf. Call 954-903-1737 for a free consultation.

Flood and Water Damage vs. Storm Coverage

It’s important to know that your flood and water damage insurance usually covers damage caused by faulty appliances, plumbing problems, and poor drainage, but it might not cover damage due to hurricanes, tropical storms, or heavy rain. In Florida, it’s especially important to look carefully at your policy to make sure you have coverage that protects you from damage caused by storms as this is fast becoming the most common property damage claim in the state. In order to collect the full amount you’re entitled to for your damaged property, it’s helpful to inventory your valuable belongings on a regular basis.

Vandalism and Theft

Crime is on the rise in Florida and throughout the country, making claims for property damaged by vandalism and theft more common. The insurance may delay or deny your claim based on whether theft prevention devices required by the policy were utilized and whether the proof you submit for the ownership and value of the property is adequate. If your property is vandalized or stolen, it’s important to report it to the police immediately with a detailed report about what happened and a complete inventory of the property that was damaged or stolen.

Sunrise Property Damage Claim Attorney

If you’ve sustained damage to your property that’s covered by your homeowner's insurance and you’re getting the runaround from the insurance company, call The Innocent Law Firm at 954-903-1737 for a free consultation.

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